MGT 4.6/MTA Upper A-Arm Mounts

Brief description;

When I first bought my MGT in early 2006 I went right to the forum at URC and signed up for the MGT forum to learn about my new beast.

So many folks there were having problems with the stock upper a-arm mount bending and causing the suspension to bind.  I decided that I could design a better one and so it all started.

I started by measuring each part and modeling it in my design software.

After getting the layout in the model the design was underway.  Many iterations of the design were considered.  My goal was to make my new mount a “Replace and go” mount.  I wanted the user to NOT have to modify anything on their MGT.  This posed a challenge.  I had to find open areas to provide extra support for the mount to support the loads applied to it during a crash.  And this was the final design.

The design was computer stress analyzed and a prototype set was made for field testing .

Stress analysis compared to the stock mount was looking like I was on the right track to a better design. 

The red areas of the pics are where the material has been stressed and deformed the most.  The analysis shows the most common area where the stock mount fails.  The TD-Racing mount survived the same loads applied to it.

Also,, note the little white word “Max” in each pic.  This tells me where in the red the max loads are.  Notice that in the TD-Racing mount the Max loads have been transferred to the base of the mount, at the chassis vs. right at the edge of the hole in the stock model.  This is a sign that the new design will not bend when the same destructive loads are applied.

In this pic the loads on the top front mounting screw are displayed.  TD-Racing mount on top, Stock on bottom.  These are safety factors.  The safety factor is the total allowable load that can be applied to a part before it bends beyond it’s returning point or “yields”.  Red in these pics show yielding of the part under load.

A safety factor of LESS that 1.0 means failure.

The more BLUE the better,  The more RED the worse.

After I started selling the mounts, I got a request from a fellow soldier in Iraq.  I sent some of my mounts to him.  Seems they had trouble getting parts, of coarse and they were in need of the mounts.  I was so glad I could help them out, being a veteran of Desert Storm myself .  I know how hard it is to get what you need.


Click here to see the pics from Tel Afar Iraq.

Computer design is fine,,, but lets do some real world testing,, Lets BREAK some stuff!!!!!  Watch the impact destructive testing video comparison.  THIS is where it gets FUN!

Video Intro;  In the video I hang the MGT so the impact loads will distribute through the truck as they would in a crash to the wheel or A-Arm.  The stock mount is on the LEFT, mine on the RIGHT.  The stock mount started seizing the suspension right away, after only a few smacks of the hammer.  I was so amazed it seized so quickly that I decided to video.  I smack the A-Arm harder each time.  Checking the freedom each time.  My goal here is to break the A-Arm BEFORE the Mount seizes.  Watch,, and this success is my final confermation that the design is ready for production.  (Sorry for the quality,, but the end result is easy to see….)

Stress Analysis, targeting the best design.

CARNAGE!  And the lone survivor,, TD-Racing Mount!